Our Services

Elstone Diving Services has over 20 years experience in the marine construction industry and can provide services suitable to any marine project as well as those detailed below, in almost any area;

  • Water sampling, core drilling and mud sampling.
  • Maintenance of pipelines.
  • Jetty, Wharf and small Bridge construction/repair.
  • Construction and maintenance and extension of boat ramps and slipways.
  • Pile driving, screw pile driving, pile installation, pile repairs, pile cutting and removal.
  • Concrete construction and repair on bridges, wharves and jetties.
  • Corrosion control of concrete, steel or timber piles as well and steelwork.
  • Underwater cutting and welding, construction with video and photography.
  • Underwater survey and inspection in conjunction with video and photography.
  • Mooring setup, placement, repair and survey.
  • Fabrication of steel structures for marine based applications.
  • Salvage of small and large vessels, cars, planes etc
  • Vibrating of piles and pile extraction.

Our dive crew is certified, our boat drivers are qualified to master 5 or Coxswain and our vessels all in TSV survey for operation within Port Phillip and Western Port Bays and also in open waters.

We are committed to providing a professional service that is within statutory requirements, is fully insured for the marine construction and commercial diving works and completely covered with a $20 Million per incident Public Liability Insurance policy for both on land and on water work.

We can provide a business operations manual and safety documentation that will detail all of Elstone Diving Services Policies and Safe Work Procedures and Methods for all aspects of marine construction.