Company Profile - Elstone Diving Services

Elstone Diving Services employs an AS2299 compliant Commercial Dive Team, qualified Boiler Makers and Steel Fabricators and experienced Wharf Carpentry staff.

Our core business is wharf carpentry, commercial diving services - including inspection, underwater construction, underwater assessment and reporting, underwater photography and testing - and all forms of marine construction. Our plant and machinery has expanded over the years and we now have a wide range of specialist marine plant which is company owned and available to carry out light and heavy construction in marine and underwater applications.

Elstone Diving Services has all required insurances in place for Marine Construction and Commercial Diving Works.

We carry Public Liability Insurance that meets all legislative requirements and it is important to consider that normal Public Liability Insurance covers all incidents on land to the low tide line only. Elstone Diving Services has always carried special Ship Repairers Liability Insurance that covers Liability for all work on water; this insurance ensures that all potential incidents are covered on water, where normally Public Liability Insurance would not. This is commonly overlooked and can place unnecessary exposure and risks, which would normally only be discovered when it is too late.

The company has been established for over 20 years, and has a broad range of experience. It is supported by qualified and licensed staff including project management, machinery operators, tradesmen and as discussed above commercial divers.

We are highly experienced in timber, steel, aluminium and concrete construction, maintenance and inspections.